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Anticipating is Better Than Putting Back Together

 Doesn’t anticipatory crisis management make

more sense than trying to make things right?

                        Everyone is familiar with “A stitch in time saves nine.”  We check that a ladder is stable against the side of our house before we climb up to the eaves with a paint bucket.  When we give our teenager the car keys, we add some caution about safe driving.

What Reputecture Is

Reputecture is a service developed by Lake Effect Communications, LLC  for anticipation and control of matters that can become crises. 

Applying modern technology and the expertise of professionals in law, investigation, and public relations, Reputecture gives companies and brands the ability to avoid or greatly reduce problems resulting from human lapses.

How Does Reputecture Serve You?

Imagine the harm to you if the public image of an important representative or executive turns suddenly negative. 

Reputecture can help many kinds of organizations and partnerships.  For example:
  • Brands engaging athletes and celebrities for marketing representation
  • Companies dependent on senior executives

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Lake Effect Communications, LLC

Mixing traditional public relations services with networking programs, introductions, and modern communication, Lake Effect Communications serves companies, professional firms, and new ventures. 

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